Education and Research Cooperation in Vaasa

Vaasa Consortium of Higher Education

Vaasa is the largest university city in Finland in terms of population. The Vaasa Consortium of Higher Education is a network of higher education institutions in the city. It aims to improve and develop the use of higher education’s resources.

University of Vaasa

Internationally impactful research university


Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

Your main partner in expertise

VAMK offers students direct access to the most interesting companies and working life in Finland already during their studies. International and competent engineers, bachelors of business administration, health care professionals, and social workers graduate from VAMK.



Finland's largest Swedish-speaking university of applied sciences

Novia University of Applied Sciences educates professionals to meet the needs of the business world. It supports continuous learning by offering RDI work involving both students and staff.


Åbo Akademi

A multidisciplinary and international university

Åbo Akademi is a multidisciplinary university with internationally recognised research and education. The university’s working and study languages are Swedish and English. 

The university contributes to society through general learning, education, and new scientific knowledge. Originally founded in Turku, Åbo Akademi’s Vaasa campus turned 50 in 2024.



110 years of economics

Hanken School of Economics has over 110 years of experience in education and research in the field of economics and business administration. It has grown into one of Finland’s most international universities. Founded in Helsinki, the university also started teaching in Vaasa in 1980.


University of Helsinki

One of the world’s top universities

Founded in 1640, the University of Helsinki has grown into an international community, ranking among the top 100 universities in the world in international rankings.

The University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Law has been offering bilingual education in Vaasa since 1991. In Vaasa, students can complete a Bachelor of Laws degree or a Master of Laws degree.